We would like to tell you more about Eco Around and what we do in London. We thought a good start would be to introduce you to this great city. According to Wikipedia London is ‘considered to be one of the world’s most important global cities.’ It has been termed as being one of the world’s most desirable, most visited and most expensive cities. As well as being innovative, one of the most popular for work, and the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the world.

Who are we?

Eco Around is a community-based social enterprise based in London. So, we would like to tell you more about we do as an organisation.
Photo by Peter Laskowski from Pexels

Covering topics such as climate change, sustainability, plastic pollution, recycling and food waste to name but a few, giving everyday tips to help save and protect our planet in a simple way.

As an organisation we hold eco workshops (creating handicraft made from recycled materials, playing games and doing outdoor activities) for adults, young people, children and families where they learn about the environment, current and future issues and how to make a positive impact.

We organise regular events like tree-planting and litter-picking to bring our community together.

Centred around Lambeth, with a view to covering other boroughs with the support of other keen eco-warriors.

On Saturday 8th February 2020 Eco Around held one of our fun eco workshops at Green STEM Fest at the University of Greenwich in Greenwich, London. We held workshops for children with their parents to re-grow vegetables from scraps and taught them about composting. All 5 sessions were fully booked on the day!

‘Green STEM Fest – Our Planet’ was the first edition of a festival that aims to empower children and families to live more sustainably and how STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Maths) can help us to protect our Planet. It was organised by the social enterprise Engineering Minds.


Over the past year we have been supporting Age UK Kensington & Chelsea by organising online quizzes and workshops for the elderly. This has been an extremely rewarding experience and we continue to work with them.



Friends Jon and Ludo started sharing their own environmental knowledge and habits with passion and enthusiasm with friends, family and acquaintances by starting a blog in summer 2019. Mainly focusing their efforts on what’s going on in the local area where they live: London. The following year we were joined by Ellie, Lina and Sigita who are all keen environmentalists.


Jon teaches English as a foreign language in London for his own company Monty English. He is originally from the Midlands in England now based in north-west London in Willesden Green. He has worked as an English teacher in northern Italy, a brief time in Paris and for the last 9 years in London. Nowadays, he better understands the importance of looking after the planet and people’s  global concerns about the environment.


He is making gradual changes to become more eco-friendly in his life and doing more research on the subject. Growing his own tomatoes and rocket on his balcony, for instance. He regularly uses his mini solar panel to charge his devices, getting a real buzz from doing his bit!


Ludo is a Graphic Designer, born and raised in Milan, Italy. She is now based in Brixton, south-west London. She has a passion for art, photography and eco design. During her last year of a Fine Arts degree, she developed some artistic installations related to her thesis ‘Urban Nature – The importance of nature as an artistic expression inside cities’. She supports children in learning coding and robotics as a tutor at Engineering Minds at after-school clubs in south-east London.


She consciously applies simple eco habits to her everyday life. For example buying products in bulk without any packaging, having a plant-based diet or ditching single-use pads for periods. Also, using a solid shampoo bar or homemade toothpaste and using a bamboo toothbrush. The last ‘challenge’ she took on was to regrow vegetables from scraps.