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WasteAid – waste management charity

WasteAid waste management charity

Louise volunteering for WasteAid at Green Stem Fest – Our Planet

At STEM fest Jon met Louise who works at First Mile but she also volunteers for WasteAid which is a waste management charity. Their aim is to make an impact on the global waste emergency. They work in a few different ways:

– Partnering with local organisations to improve the health, environment and livelihoods of people without waste services

– Building the skills of local people to deliver practical solutions to the waste management crisis in their own communities

– Raising awareness of the importance of proper waste management and campaigning for greater change

So, reading up on what WasteAid do Jon was shocked to discover that 40% of the world’s waste ends up in open dumps. Overall, there are 20 million people who make a living from picking waste from open dumps. In fact, as countries we only spend 0.3% of international aid on improving solid waste management. The charity’s aim is to push to increase this figure to 3% by 2015-2030.

What is impressive is that WasteAid waste management charity train people in simple recycling processes such as:

– Locals can turn leaf litter into charcoal which provides a cheaper fuel than ordinary charcoal. It also reduces the need for firewood and deforestation, in turn reducing greenhouse gas emissions

– Populations can turn plastic bags into paving slabs. This provides a cheaper alternative to concrete. It also reduces plastic litter and mosquito breeding grounds.

– Turn fish waste into fishmeal. This provides a cheaper food for aquaculture. It reduces smells, flies and disease, along with greenhouse gas emissions

– Everyone can turn food waste into compost. This provides cheap, nutrient-rich fertiliser. Reducing pollution from chemical fertilisers and greenhouse gases.

What can you do for this waste management charity?

So, as you can see WasteAid are a very worthwhile charity. They are always looking for people to fundraise or give financial support. You can help spread the word through social media and your community. Also, by being a partner by creating optional donation facilities for your customers and clients. Alternatively, if you are a waste or development professional you can contribute some time and expertise.

It was great to meet some like-minded people at the event, we are hoping to take part next year too!