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Jon’s homebound eco plans

As everyone in London has been told to social distance and work from home if possible, Jon started thinking. What can he do to make a difference while keeping to these recommendations? What kind of homebound eco plans can you make? So, he came up with a few ideas that anyone can do:

homebound eco plans

Jon’s balcony

– Spend time in your garden or on your balcony tending to your plants.

Jon has decided to spend some short periods of time (around 30 minutes or so each time) out on his balcony. During this time he is repotting plants and adding compost to the pots from his wormery. In order to empty it and give the plants some much needed nutrients for the spring season.

– Read up on some new eco subjects that you didn’t know about

It’s always good to read about topics related to the environment. Expanding your knowledge and helping you to understand the world better. At the moment, Jon is reading Forest Therapy by Sarah Ivens. It covers seasonal ways to embrace nature for a happier you. Definitely an interesting read so far!

homebound eco plans

Some more homebound eco plans

– Organise an event for the future

Tree planting days out are always a good social event and of course have a positive effect on the environment. Typically, it’s best to do these kind of events from autumn through to winter. This helps the trees bed in better as they need plenty of water to begin with. So, think about organising something with your community.

– Read or write something on your favourite eco blog

It always a good idea to keep up to date with what’s happening in your community. For instance, you can read through some of our posts about where Ludo lives in Brixton. Or, you could write a post and send it in to us. Just email us at: with ‘eco blog post’ in your title.

We hope we have given you just a few ideas as to what you can do from home to make a difference. We will come up with a few more soon!