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Eco soap bar & soap saver

Jon has made the move to using an eco soap bar (made from natural sources). He also bought an eco-friendly vinyl soap saver. This is instead of using a plastic dispenser in his bathroom. He used a bar of soap before and it got all mushy! Now, with the right kind of product (a soap saver rather than a soap dish, although the two can be used together), the soap stays more solid, doesn’t disintegrate or turn into a mushy mess! His hands stay nice and clean too 🙂

Eco soap bar and soap saver

Make your own natural and eco-friendly soap

Making your own natural and eco-friendly soap bar can be a fun and satisfying way to help the planet. It can also be a very creative process too, as you can add your own personal touches to make a unique fragrance and texture.

Here is a brief introduction including what you should consider with health and safety, and a link to a useful recipe. [details taken from Starseeds]

Soap making is an alchemical process where ingredients you normally wouldn’t dream of bathing with are transformed into the wonderful smelling soap bars we all know and love. At the most fundamental level soaps are made of 3 ingredients; oil/fat, lye and water. Anything else added is for personal taste and purpose of the soap. For instance, you may wish to add essential oils for their healing properties or milks for their soothing textures.

Because a chemical reaction occurs in soap making it’s important to take the proper precautionary steps. If you’re concerned about the lye, have a read of the science behind lye and soap here.

  • Work in a well ventilated area
  • Wear protective clothing including gloves, mask and goggles.
  • Follow the instructions to avoid injury

Click here to follow the recipe. You may also want to consider the different types of natural ingredients you can use, here are 51 of them.