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Hidden plastic

Most tea bags are sealed with heat-resistant plastic called polypropylene. There is often hidden plastic in teabags. It means they aren’t 100% biodegradable and shouldn’t be composted because they release tiny pieces of microplastic into the soil. Pyramid tea bags are usually the worst as they are made of a fine plastic mesh.

To prevent hidden plastic in teabags from causing issues it’s better to open the bags before discarding the tea. Alternatively, you can completely avoid using tea bags and switch to loose leaf tea, in order to drink tea in a safer and more eco-friendly way. You can buy loose leaf tea in bulk in a few shops in London or otherwise you can get a brand with plastic-free packaging.

You should also think about the benefits of loose leaf tea or alternative uses. For example you could use chocolate flake tea and matcha in tiramasu instead of coffee. Check out this recipe, sure to impress your friends over the festive season!

Some herbs out there are great for migraine relief. You will not only be drinking tasty tea but if you suffer from severe headaches then there are a number of different flavours that can help you feel much better.

When switching to loose leaf tea you should also consider other advantages. Being the most widely consumed beverage after water there must be some really good reasons to drink it. Here are 8 good reasons to sup on some leaves!

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