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Eco Products

Jon likes to shop around for eco products for brands which are doing something extra to help the planet.

He recently bought a new pair of slippers from a Spanish company called Mercredy. Each shoe contains 175g of recycled plastic, the equivalent to two recycled bottles. He finds them comfortable and is pleased that he can support a company that helps by reusing plastic.

Although, there always seems to be a trade off when buying eco products. Ideally it would be best to buy something local that uses recycled materials. However, it’s not always possible to tick all the boxes so by buying from a company that’s trying to make a difference, this is already a positive step.

He also got a small egg timer to measure the time he takes in the shower. On average in the UK we spend 7-8 minutes in the shower. Jon’s new egg timer lasts for 5 minutes and he finds that it’s usually enough time to wash himself. Sometimes he spends an extra 30 seconds in there if he’s especially dirty! This helps reduce energy consumption by using less hot water.

Jon bought a reusable bamboo shaver too so that he no longer has to buy disposable ones. He didn’t use disposable ones much but it saves on waste as they are pretty much impossible to recycle. The good thing about the bamboo shaver is that you can just replace the blade and recycle it. It is a high-quality product so it’s pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime.

His latest purchase has been a water jug which uses binchotan charcoal as a natural way to purify water. As its structure is extremely porous then its known for absorbing impurities and unwanted tastes. As well as getting rid of odours such as chlorine. It softens and adds minerals to water and can also purify the air. Each charcoal stick lasts for about 6 months and afterwards you can grind it up and add it to your soil as an enricher.