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Volunteering at Brixton Community Orchard

Yesterday, Ludovica joined the social enterprise Urban Growth London at Brixton Community Orchard. An orchard created to reconnect people with their food through inspiring workshops, free to volunteers. There she met Taye, an expert food grower who teaches the technical aspects of horticulture. Also, Sarah who joined the enterprise a few months ago looking for the closer orchard to her home. And Justin, a traveller from Pakistan interested in discovering about local fruit and vegetable production.

The task today at Brixton community orchard was to dig up weeds from the ground under the trees. Placing some cardboard around the base to prevent them from growing back again. Therefors, stopping light from reaching the soil. Then, they added two inches of mulch around the base which will help keep moisture in the soil.

The experience as a volunteer was great, making Ludovica feel physically active as well as helping the community where she lives, she is definitely planning to join again! She has just found out about some more sessions at Pop Brixon called PopFarm. They focus on how you can grow your own fruit and veg. She will probably go along as she recently picked up a small greenhouse.

“The intersection of Brixton Road and Coldharbour Lane broke the EU legal limits on nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 120 hours into 2017, making it the most polluted road in London during the first week of January that year.”

Brixton Business Improvement District commisions and funds the Orchard and has received funding from the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund. Open Orchard Project chose the trees and they have collaborated with us to design the space and coordinate the works.”

Setting up this orchard was really valuable since trees improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.

Brixton Orchards
Brixton Hill, Brixton, London SW2 5RW
Every Thursday from 1pm – 2.30pm

Pop Farm
49 Brixton Station Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8PQ
Every Thursday from 10am – 11.30am

Brixton community orchard
Brixton community orchard
Brixton community orchard
Brixton community orchard
Brixton community orchard
Brixton community orchard